November 12

Management Fixed deposits.

Management Fixed deposits

Fixed Deposit – or FD, as everyone says, is a very popular investment method for middle aged people.who don’t want to take a big risk. It is widely accepted that FD is a very safe investment method because it does not increase the amount of capital we invest in a fixed deposit, the amount invested and the interest paid in advance.

After depositing a certain amount of money in an FD, you can earn enough interest on the side of the investor to earn the maturity without any effort. In order to obtain the agreed amount of interest on the FD, you have to keep the amount you have paid until the maturity date.

Most financial institutions get very low interest rates if they try to get the money they have for some reason before. If you go back for the first three months, you may not pay any interest.

It’s an attractive investment option for ordinary people who don’t know much about investment opportunities and can see their money grow with little effort to put their money in a fixed deposit. Having a fixed deposit is a great advantage when you have the option of obtaining a loan at any time without any hassle. Mr. Abeysooriya also points out that many fixed deposits are long term and have the advantage of being able to enjoy a favorable interest rate despite the volatility in the market.


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