November 12

What is fiverr ?

What is fiverr

fiverr is an on-line marketplace. Anyone can sell anything they want. Annie can go here and buy anything.Yes, there are as many web sites as possible, but this is a little bit special … Most of this is for sale and more services. For example, if you are starting a new company and you want to design a logo together, you can go to this site and create your logo at an affordable price …

So buy this and if you have some talent you can use one and make money … This is one of the top places for security and other sites like this one have to make money by paying for these seller accounts, but this is not the case.

How fiverr works

┬áIf you are a seller you can go to this website and set up an account for free. Then you can post your services. On this web site we call these knee posts by a special name. We call them GIGS, so we know these Gigs. There are several categories we can know about this. There are a lot of sub-categories under them. So when we first register and create a new account, we can know 20 gigs first …

So if we see a gig like that and like it, someone will order you to take your service. Then you have to talk to it and you can do his work and if you know how to order it, you have to pay for the website … the money will come to our hands after you have done it. So you can do no fraud as this is done through the website.

Once we provide such a service, if the service provider is happy with that, then he will give us a good review. That’s very important to us. So this is how it works. I’ve only just introduced myself by word of mouth. We’ll see in the next post how to get started. First you need to go to the link below and sign up for the website. Then I’ll tell you how to do that in the next post.

There are some people who feel that if we open an account in Sri Lanka, we will not be able to sell it. But people in Sri Lanka want to work for someone in the USA. We are. So if you like, you can create your own username and account, but it is a bit more troublesome because in Fiverr admin, they are checking our ip address. If we make a usa from an ip in Sri Lanka we are warned to change it.

So we’ll have to hide our ip address for this job … together with a browser extention or software that you can use … you can easily search them on Google and find them.

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