November 12

The stock market

The stock market

The stock market invites the general public to raise the necessary funds. Investors who have excess cash can then contribute by buying shares in those companies. Those investors then become the owners of the company. Once a company calculates profits over a period of time, it distributes a fair profit percentage to the shareholders. This is the benefit to shareholders. It’s called dividends.

Neither individual businesses, partnerships, nor companies can sell shares in the stock market. A person running a single business can obtain the necessary funds from his own savings or bank loans. In a joint venture, partners often jointly raise their funds. Although a private company can issue shares and raise capital (funds), they are not permitted to sell shares in the market.

This is because the maximum number of shareholders in a private company is limited to 50. If private companies sell publicly traded shares in the stock market, the maximum number of shareholders can increase to more than 50. Therefore, the Companies Act does not permit private companies to sell shares in the stock market.In order to sell shares in the stock market, the company must be registered as a public company. A common feature of public companies is the lack of a maximum shareholder limit. Therefore, public companies are able to sell shares in the stock market. For that, the public company must be registered in the stock market. In order to issue shares in the stock market, the company that wishes to do so must become a registered company and listed in the stock market.

That is, the stock market is a place that allows listed companies to raise funds and provide investors with excess cash. While the stock market is usually introduced as a stock exchange, these transactions can be done electronically via computer and the Internet.

November 12

Management Fixed deposits.

Management Fixed deposits

Fixed Deposit – or FD, as everyone says, is a very popular investment method for middle aged people.who don’t want to take a big risk. It is widely accepted that FD is a very safe investment method because it does not increase the amount of capital we invest in a fixed deposit, the amount invested and the interest paid in advance.

After depositing a certain amount of money in an FD, you can earn enough interest on the side of the investor to earn the maturity without any effort. In order to obtain the agreed amount of interest on the FD, you have to keep the amount you have paid until the maturity date.

Most financial institutions get very low interest rates if they try to get the money they have for some reason before. If you go back for the first three months, you may not pay any interest.

It’s an attractive investment option for ordinary people who don’t know much about investment opportunities and can see their money grow with little effort to put their money in a fixed deposit. Having a fixed deposit is a great advantage when you have the option of obtaining a loan at any time without any hassle. Mr. Abeysooriya also points out that many fixed deposits are long term and have the advantage of being able to enjoy a favorable interest rate despite the volatility in the market.


November 12

Government securities.

Government securities

Investment in government securities, such as Treasury bills and bonds, is the least risky investment option in fixed income instruments, or fixed income instruments. Investments in government securities like this are paid by the government in installment interest till maturity.

In fact, there is no risk in government securities, because the government can print enough currency notes to pay investors interest at any time. However, some investments, including securities offered in foreign currencies, can make a country default on bankruptcy. This situation is called sovereign debt, or sovereign default.

November 12



Debenture, or debenture, is a fixed income instrument used by banks and other institutions to borrow at fixed interest rates. The main difference is that the money is thus accumulated as a share of debt capital or debt capital rather than as part of the share capital of the company or share capital. However, a debenture is a general security

An investor does not have an asset that can be redeemed for capital, as an asset is not collateralized. This puts you at a slightly higher risk of debentures or debentures. The investor has to rely on the borrower’s ability to make repayments, or creditworthiness.

There are two types of debentures: Debentures and Debentures. There is some type of security that can be exchanged because if an institution is unable to pay, its value can be transferred to the same value shares of the company. Investors are also interested in low-security but low interest rates.

Many credit rating agencies evaluate the creditworthiness or affordability of most fixed income instruments. Under this measure, the ability to repay interest and capital investment on a fixed income instrument or fixed deposit is determined by various measures.

The AAA (commonly referred to as an AAA rating) is the most reliable, or riskiest, investment option. From there it goes down to AA, A, BBB, BB, B respectively and finally gets a C and D rating.

November 12

Unit trusts, or collective funds.

Unit trusts

All the investments mentioned earlier are for individual investments. On the other hand, a unit trust, or unit trust, is a way of collectively investing in equities and fixed income instruments. Even a person with only Rs 1,000 can buy a unit unit; The accumulated capital is then professionally managed in accordance with the relevant Deed of Trust. Unit Trusts charge a management fee for this.

Instead of investing with a limited amount of capital, a unit trust always diversifies its investments, thus reducing the risk. Another advantage is that they always have a trustee who represents the investor’s expectations. There are three main types of unit trusts:

Open / Unlimited Funds. The unit trust management company is obligated to buy the shares of its investors. Recurring / Limited Funds. These trusts only issue one share to the public. If an investor wants to sell shares for some reason, they should do so in the secondary market. 

Deed of trust. A unit trust fund is set up under a trust deed and is held by the investor. The investment is held by the Trust Fund on behalf of the investor (also called the unit trustee) for the period specified in the trust deed. This means that unit trusts are temporary. These funds provide a direct refund to the investor, and the inflows are not reinvested in the fund itself.

November 12

What is this forex?


Many people ask us what is this forex? What is this forex story really about? Many people in Sri Lanka are thinking of making money online. But now that opinion has dwindled a little and our young people stay home and work freely and realize that they can be a successful person through the internet. By today google adsense , you tube, Facebook instant article, fiver freelancing

There are a lot of young people who know a lot about what we haven’t said and make a considerable amount of money. There are even some who have worked in this manner and become famous millionaires in Sri Lanka. Recently, Gossip site and a few Facebook users have come out.

But have you ever wondered why we can’t come to such a place? Just thinking like that comes to mind. Isn’t this a thought that comes to mind for us?    

Crazy. We need an English son-in-law. 

They’re computer-aided. They are the ones who have come to learn on campus.

Where we do them Oh, you can’t do that. 

Ambana needs money to cover them up  

Where’s the time for us?

We came up with an answer to those thoughts. The subject we are going to talk about is not something that needs to be taken off campus. It is something you can simply learn and do with patience

November 12

Is there much to learn in forex?

learn forex

Most of the workshops are about forex is actually done by setting up accounts on the websites of the concerned companies. That means anyone can do it alone. We make these accounts in our workshops but it takes very little time. And we’re not going to bother you for two or three hours about forex.

forex is not white. This is not a video game. An important business of gentlemen and non-learners. Employment system. There are many theories to learn. At least forex profits are not as good as those who buy sell buy orders.

(Here we speak in our usual language) People say there’s no learning in forex. We’ll see how much we have to learn in forex. If you learn such a thing, you can never go wrong. Learn in detail what we are doing. forex is something like a great ocean. There are many things to learn. Forex is not a sell buy. There’s more to it than that.

But keep in mind that learning about forex is not an endless topic. After the workshop, you learn everything you need to be able to do. We don’t teach you obsolete. A new teaching method. Modern Theoretical Practices .. We are 100% sure that you will build a successful forex trader

November 12

What is fiverr ?

What is fiverr

fiverr is an on-line marketplace. Anyone can sell anything they want. Annie can go here and buy anything.Yes, there are as many web sites as possible, but this is a little bit special … Most of this is for sale and more services. For example, if you are starting a new company and you want to design a logo together, you can go to this site and create your logo at an affordable price …

So buy this and if you have some talent you can use one and make money … This is one of the top places for security and other sites like this one have to make money by paying for these seller accounts, but this is not the case.

How fiverr works

 If you are a seller you can go to this website and set up an account for free. Then you can post your services. On this web site we call these knee posts by a special name. We call them GIGS, so we know these Gigs. There are several categories we can know about this. There are a lot of sub-categories under them. So when we first register and create a new account, we can know 20 gigs first …

So if we see a gig like that and like it, someone will order you to take your service. Then you have to talk to it and you can do his work and if you know how to order it, you have to pay for the website … the money will come to our hands after you have done it. So you can do no fraud as this is done through the website.

Once we provide such a service, if the service provider is happy with that, then he will give us a good review. That’s very important to us. So this is how it works. I’ve only just introduced myself by word of mouth. We’ll see in the next post how to get started. First you need to go to the link below and sign up for the website. Then I’ll tell you how to do that in the next post.

There are some people who feel that if we open an account in Sri Lanka, we will not be able to sell it. But people in Sri Lanka want to work for someone in the USA. We are. So if you like, you can create your own username and account, but it is a bit more troublesome because in Fiverr admin, they are checking our ip address. If we make a usa from an ip in Sri Lanka we are warned to change it.

So we’ll have to hide our ip address for this job … together with a browser extention or software that you can use … you can easily search them on Google and find them.

November 12

What is this dropshipping?


Simply put, you are doing something like an intermediary. Suppose you have a computer in your web site. Suppose someone has come online and ordered online Penn Drive for Rs. Now you have to order a nationwide Penn Drive through a good Aliexpress seller with the description of the person who visited your website (assuming you paid 1500). Aliexpress cellar sends it to your guy’s name. So you just get Rs 500 profit. That’s how it works.

November 12

Binary Options Trading

Binary Options Trading is one of the fastest trading options available in the world.
What do we trade at Binary Options?
In Binary Options, we trade things

Currencies (Exchange)

Commodities (crude oil, gold, silver)

Stocks (company shares)

Indices (Price Indexes)

How to Trade Binary Options
Gold is a well-known commodity. So let’s take the “gold” example.
UP Options
In the next 15 minutes or so, when the gold price in the world market shows up, you have to do the “gold” UP. In Binary Options we have a set of special words that we use in everyday trading.
Strike Price: The price we UP
Expiry Time: Options Contract is valid (5 minutes in this example)
At the end of 5 minutes, if the price of gold in the world market is more than one pip higher than our Strike Price (we paid gold UP), we will build. That is ITM (In the Money). Then we can get 80% to 90% return on the money we invest in that trade.

DOWN Options
DOWN Options is the other side of UP options.
In the next 5 minutes, you will need to DOWN the “gold” when the market analysis method you use shows that the “gold” in the world market is going down.
At the end of 5 minutes, if the price of gold in the world market is less than our Strike price (we have gold DOWN), we will have ITM (In the Money). Then we can get 80% return on the money we invested in that trade.
This way you can trade a wide range of Binary Option with a variety of expiry time ranging from 30 seconds to several days. 

How Much Money Can I Make With Binary Options Trading?
You want enough…

Yes, Binary Options Trading can easily make money.
How much money you can afford depends on how much you risk.
High risk ∞ High return
That means that how much money you can make in Binary Options Trading is proportional to your trading capital … so if you can start investing a little more capital, you can go faster.